Welcome to Sacred Circle Dance Community

“No previous experienced required, just a desire to dance” – anonymous dancer 2008

Sacred Circle Dance is an Ecstatic Dance Community that comes together every Sunday morning in Portland, Oregon to connect with ourselves, each other, and the present moment on the dance floor.""

Our DJ’s put together an eclectic set of music to create a state of flow in our bodies. Tracks start slow and meditative, build in intensity, and then slow back down again to a point of stillness. Our music sets create an environment to support personal growth, encourage connection to others, and access the fun and healing power of creative expression through movement.

We encourage people of all ages and abilities to sink into the body in the safe, beautiful and sacred community-created space at the Tiffany ballroom.

We look forward to greeting you on the dance floor!

We meet every Sunday morning from 10:30am - 12:30pm.
Cost $8 - $10 sliding scale (children welcome and dance for free)